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6.7 1,624 Ramrod

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tshodan 7/10

Bruce Lee demonstrates why without ever being a tournament champion that he was one of the best martial artists of all times. His speed and technique easily out class the other real martial artisits this film presents. His fight with Chuck Norris in this film is legendary. Watching Chuck in his prime is intense, high speed and accuracy. What scares me is that Bruce is faster. And even though he is lacking size, its obvious that the little dragons power is intense. Yes the scenes in these movies may be choreographed, but it's hard to make duplicate the skills shown by these fighters with trick photography and ballet lessons.This is the first film Bruce took a major role in both on and off the set. He searched for quality martial artists for the fight scenes and was the one who reccomended Italy for this shoot.The film revolves around a restaurant in Italy run by Lee's uncle and his (assumably ) cousins. Local gangsters try to close the restaurant down and get a piece of the ac ...

tatz32000 8/10

Some of the negative posts keep snarling that the film is dated..... sure it is--lots has changed since 1967. For one thing, Jill St. John nee Jill Oppenheim is a classic Rat Pack hottie, with the elaborate hair that never seems out of place and apparently has enough shellac in it to varnish a kitchen. The hippie movement brought us the natural look in "hottie" women, with long, straight flowing hair and little makeup, but Frank's Rat Pack women were still into a gaudy Vegas look. And, I'm no expert on 1967 fashions, but I sure don't think men ran around in a warm climate (I was raised in So Cal) wearing hats with their suits.....but enjoy this look back at 1967, when fashions and what was "cool" were changing dramatically (today's starts don't even change their names, chuckle).The film is beautifully filmed on actual Miami locations, by a renowned cinematographer Joseph Biroc (check him out here on IMDb). And, of course Richard Conte's house is no mansion, with its chain link fenc ...

ShootingShark 6/10

Jim Hawkins, a likely lad, befriends a dying pirate and comes into possession of a much sought-after treasure map. He and his friends charter a ship, The Hispaniola, and go in search of the booty but the ship's cook, one Long John Silver, is in reality a fearsome pirate, just waiting to rally the crew of black-hearted cutthroats to mutiny ...There are several adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson's superb 1883 seafaring adventure novel (notably a 1990 cable-TV version with Charlton Heston), and countless variations on the story (Muppet Treasure Island, for example), but the Walt Disney movie is still the best. It's extremely faithful to the novel, bringing the settings and the characters vividly to live, and crucially the focus on Jim as the hero and narrator. The story is just so breathtaking, exciting and imaginative; the universal theme of a boy's first expedition from home in search of experience, coupled with the crazy pirate adventures, hidden treasure, exotic locations and b ...

alanmora 7/10

I am BEGGING someone to release this hard to find little horror/cult gem on DVD. I would love to hear what Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin think now about having done this fun little schlocker. This film is very hard to find but it is definitely worth the search. It's a strange little film but if you can look past the bad acting, the holes in the storyline, and the inexplicable lack of gore that you would expect from any movie with the word Cannibal in the title it's actually a fun little flick. The 'gimmick' in this one is the "warning bell" which warns the viewer that a 'disturbing' scene is approaching (very William Castle like!). Still, there is just something intriguing about this cute little horror flick...check it out for yourself and you'll see what I mean!

elitisteloquence 9/10

In short, this movie did precisely what it intended to do. After his spouse committs suicide, Hoffman's character finds himself on a dark journey of the heart. Depressed and hopeless, he turns to a dangerous drug to find solace. I have never seen grief portrayed as well as I have seen in this flick. If you allow yourself to become engaged with Mr. Hoffman's character, you will find yourself walking along in his slow, trudging shoes. You will find yourself struggling for rhyme, reason and redemption just like him. Some may argue that the character never evolves, or developes. That my friends, is the point of this masterpiece.

6.8 13,063 Cat Ballou

dfranzen70 7/10

Jane Fonda plays Cat Ballou, back in the days when she was not only acting but also accepting sexy kittenish roles, a rancher's daughter out to avenge the murder of said rancher by the bad guys who run the town. Yep, it's a sex Western, one that gives us the one-of-a-kind performances of Fonda and of Lee Marvin, who has two roles - an alcoholic gunslinger who's supposed to be Cat's saving and a mean, dastardly hit man with a prosthetic nose - and who won himself an Oscar for his delightful work. But it's not just the lighthearted performances of the actors that floats this film, it's also the riveting, uproarious script. The pace is never dull - there are some Westerns that'll slow things down to kind of add mood to a story, but not this one. This would make a nice double-bill with another of Fonda's sexy early roles, "Barbarella."

7.3 11,403 Old Yeller

ccthemovieman-1 7/10

Of all the movies I saw as a young in the theaters in the 1950s, the only one that haunted me or brought tears to my eyes was this one. It made a lasting impression on everyone in our family. Not long afterward, we bought a Golden Retriever puppy and it was a fabulous dog.After a long, long absence, I saw it for the third time in the late1990s on VHS. Since I never forgot the sad ending, I was prepared for that. My attitude was great going in, especially since I had become a fan of Dorothy McGuire since her magnificent performance in "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn."Anyway - hey, I have to be honest - this time around I was disappointed. I think I expected too much since the film had such strong nostalgia value. Yes, it was still a nice old-fashioned story but the impact was so-so and McGuire looked like she had aged 20 years since "Brooklyn." She didn't look like the same person from the famous 1945 drama.Tommy Kirk went on to be a star on television and in the movies for Walt Disney wh ...

punishmentpark 8/10

I didn't expect to hear 'Living Doll' (The young ones) and 'Last Night' (Bottom) within the first fifteen minutes of this sympathetic French coming-of-age film, but there it is.'Diabolo Menthe' presents the viewer with a series of incidents, accidents and such, spread over the course of one school-year (summer vacation to summer vacation), concerning the goings on of a small family. Mother and two daughters live in the city, father lives at sea (divorce). A lot of it takes place at a girls' school, then some at mother's home, some elsewhere in the city and some at sea. All the time there are things going on (some issues are seemingly bigger than others at first sight, but...), but it is hardly a story, much more like an 'anti-story', which is emphasized when two girls in the end conclude that, whatever things were like at the beginning of the school-year, things may change.The setting of a seventies Paris (while the story takes place in '63 / '64) is wonderful (streets, school, apa ...

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