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7.0 1,809 Spitfire
6.1 180 Sudan
6.5 334 Arion

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4.9 2,336 Murder 3

silvan-desouza 4/10

Bhatts have been copycats since they started, except for Arth, Saraansh, Daddy and a few films like Naam, most of Bhatt films have been copies. All 3 Murder Installments have been copies, Murder(2004) was a copy of Unfaithful, Murder 2(Korean film CHASER) both did superbly well at the B.O and the first one made a star out of Emraan Hashmi, The Third Installment stars their regular since Jannat 2 Randeep Hooda. This time however there have made a legitimate remake of A Spanish thriller The Hidden Face(2011). The original was a well made thriller which is too bold for Bollywood, so to fit in the Bhatt formula, we have songs, the profession of the lead hero is changed from a orchestra conductor to a Photographer so that the Bhatts can have skimply clad models showing up. That apart nudity compared to the original is on low here. The film focuses more on emotional content rather then sex but sadly the film is a complete copy paste job from the original, even the lines have the same pun ...

dbborroughs 3/10

Okay I'm going to say something that I can rarely said to have ever willingly said, this is a watchable Al Adamson movie. Adamson was a bad filmmaker from the late 1960's and early 1970's who churned out a great deal of really bad, and not in a fun sort of way, films. A good many of them had John Carradine, which is apropos of nothing but its just the way things are. Most are so bad you'd want to pluck your eyes out rather than watch them. A few a precious few are awful but watchable in that bad but good way. This is one of those bad but good sort of films. Actually its bad but watchable which is a different kettle of fish. I don't know why this film kind of works in a 3am late late show way but it does. The plot has a couple inheriting a castle from a 108 year old uncle. The castle was and is being rented by a nice old couple who are really Dracula and his bride. Carradine is the butler who along with a 7 foot tall hunchback keep women chained in the basement for the vampires bloo ...

Maringo 4/10

I wasn't intending on watching this film as it got a bad review in my TV guide. But when I saw John Le Mesurier (whom I most associate with the TV series "Dad's Army") becoming a prime suspect at the start of this Jack the Ripper themed whodunnit, then I just had to watch the rest.The film basically uses the Jack the Ripper case as a excuse for a whodunnit. Jack's identity is pretty easy to guess (not enough suspects!), but the motive for the killings takes a bit longer to figure out.The inclusion of an American policeman in the story does rather pander to an American audience, but it works quite well. I was cynically expecting him to solve the case before the London policeman and have a fight to the death with Jack at the the end of the film. But I was pleasantly surprised with the ending (it was vaguely reminiscent of the endings of a couple of Dario Argento's gialli).Overall it's not a great film, but if you're into whodunnits then it's worth checking out.

dyl_gon 1/10

I don't throw this statement around lightly. As someone who frequently reads reviews, I find that it is thrown around far too often, especially when there are so many bad movies out there. But I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that The Love Guru is the worst movie I've ever seen. It has officially dethroned classics such as Die Hard Dracula and Dark Harvest 2: The Maize. Those movies were made on minuscule budgets by no-talents. In comparison, The Love Guru was made on a huge budget by Mike Meyers, the creator of comedy classics Austin Powers and Wayne's World, which makes this train wreck of a film all the more painful to watch.With The Love Guru, you can tell Meyers is trying to create another success along the lines of Austin Powers, but failing miserably. The thing about Austin Powers was despite being a dumb comedy, the movie had a likable, fun protagonist. In Meyer's latest outing, we get the Guru Pitka, a Charles Manson look-alike who has an obsession with penises. It's ...

greenegoddess1 8/10

I loved this film. I was an NYU grad student and the process of getting my doctorate and writing the dissertation and dealing with the committee were perfectly captured by all the aspects of the vampire's experience and transformation. The hunger she felt was so accurate. I recall those days of struggle and grad student doubts about ever finishing and feeling as if no one would appreciate what I had written. The writers captured all that perfectly in the scenes of her trying to write and focus, all while something else was pulling on her and transforming her. The film itself was well acted and the emotional atmosphere was captured perfectly. The street scenes incorporated the neighborhood beautifully, especially in the way people in the village actually live there. It was a dark wonderful film and I have recommended it to many people, especially those currently in grad school, writing their dissertations. I hope it is released on DVD soon. I keep looking.

7.1 229,728 Blade

supertom-3 10/10

This film is superb! Wesley Snipes Plays Blade the vampire hunter with pure class, he kicks butt in such a fluid and violent way that would make Bruce Lee proud. The movie is a fast paced, thrill ride of action and superb stunts. The first action scene and last are outstanding and Wesley looks like a Terminator as he runs around wiping out all suck heads. The script is pretty good and there is sharp dialogue too. Wesley should have done more action films than he has, i know he is a very good actor and in this he is not streched as much as in his more comic or drama roles but as far as action stars go he is the best actor of them all, only Bruce Willis, Stallone and perhaps Tom Cruise (if he counts as an action star) come close. Also aswell as Wesley being quality, Steven Dorff is also very good as the bad guy. It was an unexpected surprise that someone of small stature compared to Snipes should come across as menacing, but he does. Overall the film is sharp, stylish and i hope the ...

5.4 3,028 Static

dfa120374 6/10

Jonathan and Addie Dade have been struggling to cope with the loss of their young son and it has caused their marriage to come to breaking point. One night, a female stranger turns up at their door and asks for help claiming that she is being stalked by people wearing masks. This tests the couple's resolve even more, especially when strange things start to happen around the house.While maybe not being the most original movie out there (and with other films having similar twists) Static is still a pretty decent suspenseful thriller in it's own right. Some people may find it a wee bit slow going, but I didn't find this at all.The story builds up quite nicely as it goes along, keeping a decent pace until it gets to the nicely done twist at the end and has some genuinely tense moments throughout.The couple are quite likable characters, although Addie (who is played by Sarah Shahi) does actually become quite annoying at times, and even though you try to understand that she has recently ...

fogofogarty 10/10

I read the negative reviews before watching this and I'm so glad I ignored them. I loved the the 1st movie so much I was sceptical about a follow up , but this exceeded my expectations . I recommend to any who loved the 1st movie.

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