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7.9 1,795 The Hand
6.5 334 Arion

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5.7 28,898 Hatchet

Obliviax 7/10

The tag-line "Old School American Horror" is a little misleading. While it's true that "Hatchet" recalls the mad gore of the 1980s, the "horror" factor is actually absent. Watching the film feels more like viewing a condensed reel of slasher kills with a few drunk and fun-loving friends - certainly not a bad thing, but not exactly a horror movie either. That being said, it's obvious that the people involved in the production have a real love for the genre. Kane Hodder's monster antics are always a delight, and Adam Green will definitely be a name to watch in the future. In summary, I'd certainly recommend the film for anyone who gets a kick out of the slasher craze of the 80s, but be sure you're in the mood for goofy fun and not an actual horror flick.

8.1 23,884 Nostalgia

zclark8 10/10

There is a strange feeling that comes over me when I watch a Tarkovsky flick, like I'm seeing a puzzle come together to for a full picture, yet it is of something I cannot fully comprehend. I'm sure this has happened to numerous others while they watch a David Lynch film, or even one of the various mind-bogglers released this past year. But Tarkovsky comes to us with a different approach-an approach that I have not seen from any other director. It is an approach that reminds me of reading a poem. You read it once-you don't comprehend it. You read it again-it seems clearer. It may not be until that third reading that it finally clicks. Tarkovsky's images are not there to keep you puzzled, they all have a meaning and a purpose-you just need to find what that meaning is. It may seem like there is much work involved, and sometimes I would rather work for a film than be bowled over by its tepid scripting and mediocre direction. The one thing you would need, above all, would be patience, ...

Wuchakk 8/10

This 1966 version of "Stagecoach" is a color remake of the classic B&W Western from 1939. There would be another remake in 1986 featuring country stars of the era.The story revolves around nine characters circa 1880 that travel on a stagecoach through a mountainous area where a group of Indians are on the warpath. The people include a somewhat goofy driver (Slim Pickens) and his shotgun, a marshal (Van Heflin); inside the coach are an outcast prostitute (Ann-Margret), an escaped prisoner named the Ringo Kid (Alex Cord), a pregnant woman traveling to meet up with her officer husband (Stefanie Powers), a suave Southern gambler who knew the lady's father during the Civil War (Mike "Mannix" Connors), an alcoholic doctor (Bing Crosby), a crooked banker (Bob Cummings) and a meek whiskey salesman (Red Buttons).The first two-thirds of the film is mostly character development as the group travels on the stagecoach in the high country and spends the night here and there. The last third invol ...

6.6 20,643 Fame

Gideon24 8/10

Fame was a hip and contemporary 1980 musical that was an inside look at the lives of a disparate group of talented teenagers at the High School of Performing Arts in New York. The episodic film takes a close look at the inner workings of show business and what drives performers to go through the work and constant rejection that being in the business involves. The film opens on a particular freshman year at the school and concludes four years later.Along the way we meet Montgomery McNeill (Paul McCrane), the neglected son of a famous actress who despite his lonely childhood, still finds the business enticing. Maureen Teefy is wonderful as Doris Finsecker, a painfully shy teen who has been pushed into the business by her mother, but does come out of her shell at the school and discovers a talent for acting. Irene Cara plays CoCo Hernandez, a triple-threat know-it-all, who learns that she doesn't know as much as she thinks she does. Lee Curreri plays Bruno, an electronic keyboard geni ...

Leofwine_draca 8/10

7 MAN ARMY is another of Chang Cheh's ensemble all-star productions, with the difference that the setting is 1933 and the heroes are Chinese soldiers battling against an overwhelming Japanese invasion force. The change of backdrop doesn't make much difference in the end as this kind of tale could easily be transplanted to the Shaolin Temple era (and frequently was, too, by the director). The tactics of 20th century warfare are entirely missing and heavy artillery and tanks feature but barely play a part in the proceedings; the almost entire lack of strategy can be frustrating at times too. But in the end, this is a film about heroism, brotherly bonds, patriotism and hand to hand combat, and by that token it's very good indeed. Cheh's usual heroes play their typical character types and all of them are both charismatic and physically gifted, and the ending is as grim and gruesome as you'd expect.

vincentlynch-moonoi 7/10

It's only been recently, as I've seen some of the later movies by Tyrone Power, that I've come to realize just what a wonderful actor he was. It's easy to think of Power in his glory years when he often played swashbuckling roles, but in his later films before his untimely death, he was maturing very nicely on screen, often with a greater depth to his portrayals.It's sometimes a fine line between a legitimate tear-jerker and a film that turns maudlin. Not this time. George Sidney (director) never crossed that line. But, it's not really even a legitimate tear-jerker, because the story is basically true. But it's done very well.Tyrone Power, as Eddie Duchin, is excellent here. One of his better roles (and there were many). Kim Novak was interesting -- not quite as sultry as she became in films such as could sometimes be, and I much prefer her here than in some of her roles. Victoria Shaw as Duchin's second wife...well, the jury is still out...I don't recognize her from other films. J ...

FeverDog 3/10

SPOILER!!! I've been looking for movies I've seen but don't have a single user comment here. TORMENT is the first one I've found, and since there's so much space to fill for this page, why don't I relay the entire movie, scene by scene? For TORMENT at least, this will spare everybody else the tedium of sitting through this obscure, no-star/no-budget dud. So, let's dust off the ancient VHS copy I taped off HBO fifteen years ago and try to figure out why I felt at one time this movie was a worthy addition to my collection.TORMENT begins with an older man (mid-50's?) phoning a local San Francisco radio talk show lamenting the differences between the young women of today and the ones of his generation. He looks like the socially maladjusted offspring of Roger Ebert and Stephen King, leading me to dub him "EbertKing" (EK). He accompanies a younger woman (possibly a co-worker, though the movie never makes their relationship, or his profession, clear), who resembles Jennifer Beals with a ...

4.4 18,453 Zoom

WyoFogg 3/10

First off, a tiny bit about me. 1) I took my daughters (13 & 10) to this movie. 2) I tend to enjoy children's movies and I love SciFi. 3) My wife & I mostly agreed about the quality of this movie. 4) I've never rated a movie before.Although I agree with many points from the first posting, I do think this movie *had* promise. It seems to me that if all characters were developed properly, that the screenplay had been more carefully thought out, that the technical filming of the show had gone better (boom mic!), that there was cohesiveness to the whole story, and that the actual plot had been more fully developed that this movie could have been spectacular. I was even willing to accept the story line until the kids were mysteriously found dutifully waiting in their room when they were supposed to be hiding. After that, it went downhill quickly for me.I would have liked to see more exemplary development of the kids' powers -- the kind of foreshadowing that is later revealed in how they ...

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