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ccthemovieman-1 5/10

This is not the 1947 film but a 1995 re-make of the famous gangster flick of the same name. While the classic film had one brutally nasty guy, this one has a whole cast full of them....too nasty, frankly. I watched this once and was fairly interested in it. A couple of years later, took a second look and found it so sleazy and I couldn't finish it.David Caruso, who obtained a lot more fame in television shows than movies, still was interesting for me to watch as he played Victor Mature's old role. Caruso is one of the better actors I've seen when it comes to expressing his emotions just by his facial looks. It seems fashionable to knock him, but I've always been a fan of his work.Nicholas Cage plays Richard Widmark's psycho character "Tommy Udo" but is called "Little Junior Brown" in this film. Personally, I liked Widmark's performance and character much more.A lot of people, especially 20-somethings, like these modern tough films with brutal characters and tons of profanity, but t ...

wes-connors 2/10

"On an overseas flight to London, journalist 'Buck' Williams (Kirk Cameron) and pilot Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) are caught in the middle of the most incredible event in history. Suddenly, without warning, dozens of passengers simply vanish into thin air. But it doesn't stop there. It soon becomes clear that millions of people are missing from around the world. As chaos and anarchy engulf the world, both men set out on vastly different paths in a desperate search for answers," according to the DVD sleeve's synopsis.Like Mr. Cameron says, "There's no denying The Truth." If you were deaf and blind, you would, still, find that this movie stinks to high heaven. Anyone but a true believer in the theological perspective presented has a right to be offended. So, it's better to seek redeeming qualities in other ways. The performances, as a whole, aren't inspired - but, they are, at least, serviceable. It's nice to see Colin Fox at work, and Gordon Currie makes a good impression. "Left B ...

Hey_Sweden 5/10

Jeff Bridges portrays author Lawrence Blocks' character Matt Scudder in this picture, and his able performance is one of its few virtues. Matt is a detective for the L.A. Sheriffs' Department who is also an alcoholic. Ultimately, his drinking costs him his marriage and his job. However, he is soon approached by a hooker named Sunny (Alexandra Paul) to remove her from her unhappy life, and when he gets involved, he incurs the wrath of a smug drug kingpin (Andy Garcia) and a powerful pimp (Randy Brooks).Sadly, this was the final theatrical credit for editor turned director Hal Ashby. A recovering substance abuser himself, he had little to no creative control over the final product. He wanted something grittier and closer to the novel (which this movie barely resembles), the producers wanted a feature film version of 'Miami Vice'. But what really hurts it is the poor script (credited to Oliver Stone and R. Lance Hill (a.k.a. "David Lee Henry"), which moves at a snails' pace and doesn' ...

muzzbo 3/10

This may not be a very long review but I think it is one worth reading. Everyone is saying how it is good acting but I am insulted! Overall it is a good film but as a teenager myself who is suffering from depression and suicidal thought myself, I feel that this film has portrayed this type of person completely wrong! I am in almost the same situation as Greta but I am disgusted by the way that chose to act out her role! If she really was suicidal she would not be telling everyone like that! She would be hiding it inside and killing herself quietly! She would show more signs of depression like food disorders, or even just depression! I cannot bring myself to understand how someone who was suffering from such a severe illness would then be able to throw it all away at the end and just be 'fine'!

The_Movie_Cat 7/10

Subtitled "The British Position In India", I was recommended to see this film by my friend Rav, who reportedly "busts a gut" every time he see Kenneth Williams in blackface and turban. I was pleased to have seen it on recommendation as it made me feel less guilty about viewing a Carry On that is vested not only with the usual quota of bawdy sexism, but also a generous dollop of racial stereotyping.Yet despite it all, Carry On Up The Khyber still manages to be a very funny film. I can't claim to have seen the entire series (this was the 16th of 30 movies), but what I have seen leads me to cite this as probably the best. Produced at a time when Britain still had a significant film industry, the picture is allowed to play out without any of the desperate mugging and over-emphasised pauses that punctuate the majority of contemporary English comedy movies (including, ironically, Carry On Columbus, the ill-advised 1992 "comeback").Khyber is relaxed because it knew it had a ready-made aud ...

prabhunster 8/10

To reboot a classic movie for a new generation is lazy and disgraceful. To come up with a new conceptually outside-the-box movie with a cohesive plot is extremely rare and is a true gem. The most recent thing example I can think of is 'The Matrix', unprecedented concepts, albeit still lacking some cohesion.'Infinity Chamber' falls into a third, middle-ground category: Borrowing new elements/concepts from other movies as a means to create a "original" movie.IMO, any such movie would still fall into a sub-genre of the original movie it borrowed its defining elements from. The new movie can still be original (in its own right) if it uses the borrowed concept only as a launchpad to branch off into creative laterals. The Good:'Infinity Chamber' is largely a one-man show. Thankfully, the lead actor does a great job of keeping the viewer entertained. Interestingly, the dialogue between the man and the computer is what gave the movie its charm. The computer has all the qualifying intellect ...

7.3 3,905 Gaslight

claudio_carvalho 9/10

In London, at Pimlico Square 12, the ancient lady Alice Barlow (Marie Wright) is brutally killed and her famous rubies miss. Because of the murder, the house stays empty for twenty years, when Paul Mallen (Anton Walbrook) and his sick wife Bella (Diana Wynyard) move to the place. Bella apparently had a nervous breakdown, having problems with her memory and becoming kleptomaniac. When the retired policeman B.G. Rough (Frank Pettingell) sees Paul Mallen on the street, he immediately recognizes him as being Louis Bauer, the nephew and killer of Alice Barlow. He decides to find evidences to prove that Paul and Louis are the same man, while Bella is being driven mad and menaced of being interned in an asylum by her husband."Gaslight" is a very claustrophobic and Machiavellian psychological thriller, in a bourgeois pre-industrial revolution London with an abusive exploitation of the proletariat. Anton Walbrook performs one of the most despicable villains I have ever seen and Diana Wynyar ...

7.1 229,728 Blade

customX13 9/10

I didn't see this movie until it appeared on television because I was doubtful about comic flicks. Ever since the "Batman" series, "Spawn," "Judge Dredd," and many other pitiful p.g.-13 bombs, I dodged everything at all cost. I would question in my mind, "why can't someone make a movie that is rated R and stays true to the story, how difficult is that?" And finally my prayers have been answered with Blade. This movie pops right out of the pages onto the screen with sheer violence, blood, martial arts, weapons, fire, the good against evil, etc. Yeah sure a lot of action flicks contain all these goodies, and most of them have bombed. But not Blade, the movie was filmed just right, not going overboard, delivering a good length and never a dull moment. Blade II is cool, but not as cool as the first. Blade is indeed one of the best real comic flicks I've seen in a long time.

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