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6.5 36,574 Severance

BA_Harrison 7/10

Severance is a pitch-black comedy/horror that successfully blends laughs with outrageous scenes of extreme violence to tell the tale of a group of employees for a weapons company who, whilst on a team-building weekend in Eastern Europe, run into trouble when they are attacked by masked assailants.I found the film to be both highly amusing and also rather creepy, although how much you enjoy the film will depend on how warped your sense of humour is. I liked it a lot, but then my sense of humour has always been rather questionable.The story, which bears some resemblance in places to the extremely over-rated Hostel, allows some conjecture on the audience's part as to exactly who the killers are—something I particularly liked. Theories are bandied about by the film's characters, but the issue is never resolved absolutely, allowing the audience to decide for themselves.The likable cast give sterling performances and manage both the comedic and horrific elements with ease. Director Chris ...

gigan-92 10/10

One of the longest movie titles ever, but still one of the best G-films of all time, second only to "Gojira". Where do I begin? I know, the crew, all veterans from the acclaimed Heisei Gamera trilogy. Shusuke Kaneko directs this film with the same aura of spectacle he did in the 90s, truly making him one of my top ten directors. This is definitely the darkest film in the series, with Godzilla at his top evil.First off, the dubbing is excellent in my opinion (although the DVD has the original Japanese track) and the characters portrayed by the actors were very well represented. I think Ryudo Uzaki , who played as Lt. General Tachibana, gave the best performance. He delivers a lot of the emotions in the film, especially in the scene where he recounts his parents' deaths to the original Godzilla in 1954. The story by Kaneko, Keiichi Hasegawa and Mashiro Yokatani was a very well done piece of writing. This leads to one of my top reasons for loving this movie: there is tons of monster-h ...

5.7 4,973 Khumba

chaudryhaseeb 7/10

I just finished watching Khumba and i found it very interesting, enjoyful and funny to watch. This is by no means only a child movie, even adults will enjoy them. I liked it :) To begin with? The animation is wonderful(at one moment i thought, is this animation), the story is moving, the characters are well written and lovable. Even the "side villain dog" is lovable and funny in a way. You may find out the story a little stereotypical but the journey it will take you through is enjoyable and you are not bored at all. OK the Ostrich is sometimes a bit over. Thats all. There are other characters like tiger, buffalo, rabbit, eagle, Gazelles, hedgehogs apart from zebras that you will surely enjoy.I even enjoyed it more than "Frozen" which is creating a hype nowadays. Just go ahead don't listen to negative criticism and give it a watch.This is my first review ever here and English not my first language so please ignore any errors.I give it 7.5 out of 10.

Muhammad_Rafeeq 10/10

People who don't care about government surveillance will find the movie boring. For everyone else it's a paranoid thriller with an important message. Is there any greater power then the ability to spy on anyone at anytime? "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."Exhilarating and entertaining, Enemy of the State is a topical chase thriller that provides the audience with solid escapism and a thought-provoking narrative inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's timeless classic The Conversation.

gibbog 5/10

Watched this for the first time last night, and was pretty disappointed (was on a triple bill with BHC 1 & 2 on Bravo, great way to ring in the New Year!).Not overly funny, the villains were pretty weak, which is odd as John Saxon is usually pretty good as a bad guy, and Tim Carhart was great as Eddie Willows on CSI. Seemed very forced at times, and definitely lacked the Foley-Rosewood-Taggart chemistry that made the first two films so successful. Hector Elizondo is no replacement for John Ashton. The return of Bronson Pinchot as "Serge" was painful to watch.5 out of 10, based more on Eddie Murphy's performance than anything else.

Zorin-2 7/10

"Trancers III: Deth Lives" is the best of the "Trancer" sequels and in some ways even out does the original. This Time Tim Thomerson as Jack Deth has to fight an even tougher trancer. Far better then the next two "Trancer" entries.

funkyfry 8/10

Witty reverse morality story of an obnoxious old woman (Whitty) who takes in a lodger/servant to help her (and to spite her live-in niece, Russell, who doesn't know her aunt is leaving her $100 in her rich estate). He's "not an ordinary servant", and neither is she. They have a love story, too, shared in the dark in a time when fear and possibility are the same, and death and sex interchangeable. Thus, Danny (nice, innocent sounding name), left alone with the old woman -- makes his move. Montgomery is stunning and disarming as he shifts from "play acting" as the charming young gent to the possibly psychotic. Russell is also a convincing dark horse, saddled with a lame lover. Great photography, decent directing. This is a should-be legendary suspense film.

rehmankhilji 1/10

Confused starting, over acting of Saba Qamar which clearly shows she is in the movie for its previous acclaimed fame. Full scene of a bank and its app, shooting two different scenes in one single location showing no interest in the movie and saving budget. In the buss travelling scene, the person next to the so called foreigner was sleeping on his shoulder in one scene, then awake, then sleeping. It shows how careless the director was while shooting the movie. Unnecessary hugging, which ridiculous for swat and in between a donkey cart ride, its more badly bad then one can possibly imagine. On the top the editing is even worse. The saien baba make up was so bad that his black hair were out of the white wig. Full of cheesy cheap dialogues. And please what with the native jungle people scene. How bad the script could get. Throw away movie

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