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zoxzgamer 8/10

Operation Avalanche is a mockumentary/found footage genre movie which really twists the genre around and brings along an interesting point of facts. Some people call it the most illegal movie ever made which it does almost live up to.This movie focuses how the USA could not land a man on the moon and how 2 CIA agents find this out and how they think up of an idea which really makes you wonder. The film consists of many funny moment, an intense car chase and a cluster of interesting ideas from the 1960s and references to the future.The fantastic actors, clever script and good plot make up for the low budget it had. Definitely a must watch!

moonspinner55 7/10

Smashing romantic comedy-drama about two youngsters in love. A movie-loving French boy and the daughter of Americans working abroad meet and eventually run away from Paris to Venice to seal their love within the bonds of a legend--never suspecting the romantic story they've been told is a tall one, thought up by a wily pickpocket (Laurence Olivier, hammy but not overdoing it) who ends up acting as their guardian. Herky-jerky continuity and a too-heavy police interrogation sequence do not mar otherwise lovely and funny film with a beautiful score by Georges Delerue (which deservedly won an Oscar). Diane Lane, in her debut, is a wise little princess with understanding eyes and a husky, charming voice. *** from ****

5.9 2,726 Girl

laura-339 3/10

Do yourself a favor and read the book before you try to watch this movie. After watching it I felt like they tried to turn this incredible and moving work of fiction into an episode of My So-Called Life. The book this screenplay is loosely based on is so much more powerful than this bland film version. The main character was heinously miscast, she brings no depth to the role whatsoever. You end up being annoyed by her, instead of identifying with her in any meaningful way. And you never find out enough about the supporting cast to understand what's going on with them. In my opinion the entire point of the novel was completely missed. I was terribly disappointed.

marlaaa 7/10

This is a story of the frailty of a young soul. This is sadness in its purest form. It's the most innocent romance. It's escapism in its most magical state. 'Starry Starry Night' is simply enchanting in every single way and from its magical opening scene to the simple closing credits, it's mesmerising and beautiful. It's a story of the little things, back in a time when they are all that matters, and it's a world that one would recognise, if they saw it, but would never find a way to return to.A combination of imaginative, mysterious and enigmatic, this film simply lingers in the silence long past its final credits – and this is where nostalgia about the innocence and magic of youth are born.On the one side of this depicted world is the hopeful Mei (Xu Jiao), a young schoolgirl with a mind which gives birth to colourful imagined landscapes and turns the world, which surrounds her, into a magical forest of unexpected wonders. Trapped on the other side, in the dullness and banality o ...

Caglatureray 10/10

Super funny & wonderful. If you are aware of how the society really works and how women really behave, you will also love this show!!! I'm a woman and I loved it !!! Her way of stand up , the way she talks is hilarious !! We laughed a lot with my husband. And to me she is no feminist but just a realistic woman who can criticize freely other women. Go girl!!

one9eighty 1/10

You know that old suggestion that, when you have something good, don't overdo it or you'll ruin it. Well that's what "Neverending Story 3". Somebody has flogged an idea beyond its value and devalued it and possibly belittled its origin. Bastian is back, his dad has remarried and he has a step sister. There are bullies. There is a book which acts as a portal between the real world and Fantasia - a fantasy world where monsters and fairy tales are true. Bullies get the book and cause chaos. Bastian has to save it. World's cross and some of the book comes to reality while some of reality ends up going into the book. The budget was probably bigger for this version of the film and yet it still doesn't help it out. Nor do the star names, Jason James Richter (star of "Free Willy"), Melody Kay, and even Jack Black can't save this film. What the hell happened? Was the director smoking crack? The characters that previous films had you love have suddenly become morons, Falcor and the Rock bite ...

SnoopyStyle 5/10

Kristy (Elizabeth McGovern) and Jake Briggs (Kevin Bacon) have doubts getting married. His best friend Davis McDonald (Alec Baldwin) offers to drive his getaway. Instead of a honeymoon, Kristy insists on Jake finishing his degree. The student living in New Mexico does not go well. They leave to return to Chicago. They struggle with unsatisfying jobs, and meddling in-laws. They get a house with a mortgage. He starts to write. Davis belittles his suburban married life.Filmmaker John Hughes tries to extend his range into twenty somethings married couple. There is something missing. The comedy feels too broad. The characters feel one-dimensional. There are a couple of funny moments. It does need to decide on how serious or how ridiculous this movie is suppose to be playing at. There are many dream sequences. The neighborhood lawnmower dance is stupid and the nightclub seductress is serious. They shouldn't be in the same movie together. Bacon is a little too self-obsessed and McGovern i ...

scarmzeda 9/10

This movie, beautiful and inspiring, is a good watch for those nostalgic for real action. Donnie Yen has done a wonderful job in choreographing this work of art. Also, the girl in this movie is the first "Damsel in Distress" I've ever seen in an Asian movie that wasn't annoying. Actually, her acting is very nice, a rare statement from me because I usually feel like hitting the "nonkungfu" damsel with a frying pan in these type of movies.That brings me to another thing; the movie is also nice in that it doesn't jump to a lot of locations (Just a lot of events.) It stays either in the city, or in the little town of Fung Man-Hin's past. The ending was very good too.

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