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7.0 7,069 Titanic
7.3 22,680 Reds
7.4 53,733 Miracle
7.1 1,262 Jeremiah
6.8 1,165 Esther

# User Reviews

rmax304823 4/10

Gregory Peck does a reasonably good job as a Nobelist who is sent to China to steal an enzyme that will increase the world's food supply. The Chinese, you see, want to keep it a secret and use it themselves. (They've since given up hoping for miracles and have turned to a much more sensible one-child per family policy.) I guess -- legally speaking, the enzyme IS in fact a Chinese invention and belongs to them, doesn't it? What I mean is, is it entirely ethical for Peck to sneak into China under false pretenses, swipe something of theirs, and smuggle it out of the country? After all, when the Americans and Brits get the enzyme at the end, they too stash it away to use as a "weapon" instead of handing it over to all humankind, as Peck wants to do. It's like Clint Eastwood sneaking into the USSR and stealing the most advanced fighter airplane in the world from them ("Firefox").Problems like this don't bother the film makers. Absconding with the MacGuffin is a good idea -- period. To s ...

5.6 4,761 D.C. Cab

MaxZorin 10/10

QUANTA 666 said it best, Gary Busey deserves the life-time achievement award. This movie is his best by far. Busey plays cabbie Dell, who believes that the world will be run by black people and he'll be a "token white".He works with a motley crew of cabbies, including Bill Maher, Mr. T, Dr. Jamaican, and the Barbarian Bros. Dell takes a new cabbie Albert (played by Adam Baldwin) under his wing to teach him the ropes, including how to get a fare from someone who won't pay.There is nudity, not just cardboard as I once said. There is profanity, including a line about being a "white bread chicken #[email protected]!" and other colorful phrases like "bend and flush".This film is all over the place; it has humor, drama, action, and even a positive message towards teamwork and sacrifice. I recommend this movie highly. I give it a 9 out of 10. Just don't rent it on January the 8th, cause that's Elvis's birthday... uh huh huh....

ScapegoatsOfTheEmpire 1/10

This deserves a 'Turkey' rating! A news reporter said 8 US soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Saudi Arabia and the US Army would issue a report on the crash while showing one of the soldiers killed at a US Marine funeral with an honor guard. This honor guard does not have a proper gig line, and can not march. A US Marine is not a soldier, and would take offense if called 'soldier.' The further you get into the movie the more ridiculous this movie is. The screenplay is lousy, the acting poor, and the direction non-existent. Even the few TV stars can not save this movie. Low budget does not explain why this movie is so poor. No research is evident everywhere. I found it hard to accept Kate Vernon wearing a BAM uniform, that does not look USMC issue, with SGT stripes literally falling off her shoulder! This movie reveals itself as being a Canadian production, not an American production: police uniforms, EMS uniforms, Canadian beer, and Canadian scenery are just a few giveaw ...

bjarias 5/10

contains spoilers... no matter how well done.. at times some of these films just stretch the credibility issue way too far... here we have a woman that's married to a guy she finds out really has feelings for her, but wants to have sex only with men.. (and she's been married to him for ten years !?) .. and she craves sex, so much so she sleeps with his brother a bunch of times, relishing every dalliance...getting into it hot and heavy, she then makes the decision to pack her bags and leave the gay husband for a torrid sex life with the hot brother in law... now it turns out in addition she's pregnant with the brother's kid (who BTW when finds out, immediately tells her in no uncertain terms to get an abortion).. the husband says irregardless who fathered it, he'll step up and play dad, as long as he can sleep with other men whenever he wants... now supposedly, this drop dead gorgeous, irresistible woman (can't take your eyes off her) is just going to remain content/ happy being a m ...

kannibalcorpsegrinder 8/10

After a strange series of deaths around a small Michigan lake, the discovery of the culprit being mutated lamprey fish forces the animal control agents to take action against the creatures and the mayor who doesn't want the information getting out.This turned out to be quite surprisingly enjoyable creature feature that has quite a bit going for it. One of the biggest pluses here is the fact that the creatures are a threat from the very beginning, with the actual attempts to coral the creatures constituting the opening moments which brings up the fact that this was an ongoing problem before we joined the story and makes for a nice change-of-pace over the usual cliché of them springing up out of nowhere and forcing the characters to deal with a suddenly-emerged threat. Here, the fact that this has been going on for awhile and there's a time limit to keep makes for a nice bit of suspense in the first half as well as the rather impressive amount of kills this one dishes out. Since the ...

palawan19 9/10

A very raw movie that explains the life in a certain category of the population. Some people will be shocked watching this movie but this is reality. That kind of people exists. Be prepared when you see this movie. It's about racists, homophobia, disabled persons, violence, poverty, mistreating children. But there is also humor,lot of sarcasms. The movie was filmed in Ostend, my birth town and the place really fits to that movie. The soundtrack is also great. If you have the chance to see that movie don't hesitate. It give you a realistic view how some people live in the 21 th century. It also give you the chance to learn about Herman Brusselmans, the writer of the book.

Insp. Clouzot 10/10

Marvelous actors. Wonderful music. Subtle dialogues. A true masterpiece with 2 (may be 3 with Andre Dussolier) outstanding performances by Emmanuelle Beart et Daniel Auteuil. Finally a credible analysis of love - meaning not the stupid usual fare from Hollywood - with all its meanders, its non-linearities.Part of my all times top 10 list.Note : you need to watch it at least 3 times to grasp all the subtleties, the finesse of the dialogues. Also as so often the case with French movies the ending is open to the viewer's interpretation which makes the movie that more moving and special.Note 2 : Fans of Hollywood type action movies please abstain.

5.4 11,373 I Am Wrath

gpxdlr 7/10

They should make a sequel. They're a funny killing duo. It kept me watching but did they want us to take them seriously? I laughed at some of their banter with each other. Almost like Stan & Laurel, even Abbot & Costello, only lots of guns, fights and blood.

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