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ccthemovieman-1 10/10

Well, I just got through watching this much-anticipated film (by me) and it didn't disappoint except for one thing: I thought it was a true story. I didn't play close enough attention to the word "inspired" in the title because, unlike the story of Seabiscuit, this isn't what really happened.It's based on a nice comeback story a real racehorse, Mariah's Storm, which did make a great comeback from a serious injury but not to the extent of what happens here in this movie. This was exaggerated to the hilt for dramatic purposes, but that's okay once you know that because the story is, indeed, "inspirational." Most important, this is about as nice a modern-day film as you will ever find. There's nary a swear word, hardly even a raised voice. There are nice characters and a sweet, family-friendly tone to it with a tear-in-your-eyes Seabiscuit-type tale and ending.Dakota Fanning once again demonstrates why she is the greatest child actor of her generation. Kurt Russell is excellent, too. ...

BaronBl00d 8/10

Picture a frozen ape man discovered by a British archeologist and scientist at the turn of the century, and being placed aboard a Trans-Siberian railway from China to Russia..and you have the beginning of Horror Express. Christopher Lee plays the man who finds this fossil, as he calls it, which turns out to be so much more. The film itself is beautiful as we see this elegant train traveling across snow-covered terrain(actually filmed in Spain). The cast of characters aboard are of equal interest. Peter Cushing plays a scientist named Dr. Wells. For Cushing, this is a fine performance of a scientist less hypnotized by the ethic of science and more worldly. He bribes officials to get train tickets, has a baggage man drill holes in Professor Saxton's(Lee's) discovery, flirts with both his manly lady assistant and a beautiful stow-a-way, and in general seems less serious than many of his former roles. Nice to see him occasionally smile. Lee's professor is quite typical of Lee, b ...

6.0 56,159 Soldier

aranormer 8/10

I don't know what I was doing when this movie originally came out, because I watched this first time today. This was, and still is a movie for me.Background, lighting and camerawork reminded me of Aliens. Plot was similar to several movies of this genre. I have a feeling that lot was borrowed from Universal Soldier. I detected glimpses of the Terminator-franchise as well. Generally I hate it when I can pinpoint copying or "paying homage" (I'm looking at you, Waterworld...), but the team behind Soldier managed to make the experience enjoyable.Todd was suitably awkward given his long military career and training. The couple who took him in were in my eyes your basic married-with-children husband and wife very much in love with each other. Their son was a nice surprise. Quiet and sensible kid who didn't get anybody in trouble or killed. Even villains of this movie were tolerable. Predictable as heck but not annoyingly childish.Solid 8 stars.

7.8 10,169 Mouchette

mflamman 10/10

Sublime film from Robert Bresson!Actually it was my first encounter with Bresson's work, five or six weeks ago. I was so eager to see it...Bresson's films ("Mouchette" and "Au hasard Balthazar") haven't disappointed me- to see the least!"Mouchette" is such a pure film, so sublime. So powerful. When I saw this film, it really blew me away totally. So overwhelming. But now, weeks after that experience (I saw that films more than once, btw) it's still beginning to gain more power and emotion."Mouchette" has such overwhelming, graceful, brilliant images, shots and scenes. The opening scene may be the best ever: brilliant and pure, it tells everything you will see in the next hour and twenty minutes. The use of the music, sublime sounds of Monteverdi, is unique, powerful and brilliant. No more than- what is it?- ten seconds or so it can be heard. The opening scene is so short...That's the power of Bresson: images, sounds, scenes are presented in such a brilliant way. When we are beginni ...

5.5 101,680 Pompeii

MR_Heraclius 4/10

Let's start with the positive: the movie looks great, the visuals and effects really work. Little else does, though. The cast acts wooden, the story is predictable and boring, borrowing many elements from Gladiator and the end is cheesy as hell. Overall a real waste of time.

austin0731 8/10

A quirky and lighthearted romance film that encapsulates what it means to fall in love and the pure, laughable elements of teenage love. You are the apple of my eye captures this great aspect of teenagers but set in a cultural background so different from what the average American audience it is sure to send a certain level of culture shock yet still able to connect foreign viewers with its magnificent story telling. This film is such an easy and delightful watch, it captures the authentic life of Taiwanese students in such a great, down to earth and realistic way. It truly goes above and beyond to highlight the beauties of the island of Taiwan. This film does such a good job at blending the good and the bad, the happy and sad moments of teenagers in a way that I believe transcends borders and languages. Thus, as a Taiwanese myself I always recommend this film for foreigners who want to broaden their views and understand my culture. It is lighthearted, relatable and very well executed.

danstephan3000 10/10

After earning film festival awards and critical acclaim worldwide for his powerful tragedies, Director Zhang Yimou explores new themes in 'The Story of Qiu Ju.'Once again, he examines social injustice but this time avoids dark visions. The tone is ironic, but not angry or tragic, and the story often flashes with humor and wit. Some critics describe this film as a protest by Zhang Yimou against the Chinese government. Yet, the tale could be placed in any village in East Asia or, indeed, in any time and place one finds misunderstanding, wounded pride, conflict, and resolution.Gong Li, so beautiful in other films, reveals her acting versatility by portraying Qiu Ju (roughly pronounced as 'show chew'), as a hugely pregnant peasant. Gong Li had prepared for this role by living for months in a village of Northeast China to learn the local dialect and to get a feeling for this rural culture.The story begins when Qiu Ju demands an apology from her village chief, who had injured her husband ...

Leofwine_draca 9/10

Widely criticised and panned by many critics over the past two decades, this is a film which deserves a lot more respect than it currently has, i.e. mainly serving as the whipping boy of late Hammer horror by critics who have watched the film on fast-forward. While plagued by some obvious flaws, THE LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES still manages to be one of the most enjoyable, trashy (and most of all fun) Hammer horror films that was ever made, with the tongue firmly in cheek this time around.The main problem with the film lies in the fact Dracula is no longer played by Christopher Lee, but instead the unknown John Forbes-Robertson (THE VAMPIRE LOVERS) with a ton of make-up on his face which makes him look more like a clown than any kind of threatening king of the undead. This really does make a mockery of Dracula and the film would have been a lot less embarrassing if they had made it without Dracula at all, let's face it, his presence is definitely a superfluous one. Why couldn't ...

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