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lia00027 5/10

VERY DISAPPOINTED. Bollywood never changed, the genre is always, one man with two woman and the man always choose his best friend not his new love. What is the meaning if we can find our new love which can make us happy and laugh again, why we must choose our first love whom already leave us? It just because of love or just because that he/she is something that we want to get.Bollywood's weakness is the story line. Same genre, which is very non sense. Even the actor and the actress can't play good. With such a bad scenario and always same genre story, how can they could performances their true act.

gerald-koh99 10/10

Disney has made many animated feature films, and there are still animated movies aplenty being made out there in modern times, but very few can eclipse the very first one of all, which is the story of a beautiful young princess called Snow White who is under the watch of the wicked Queen, who forces her as a maid in the house. This movie is now so highly rated and acclaimed that in 2007, the American Film Institute named this animated flick the 34th best American film of ALL TIME.Even while watching it as a little kid, watching it again as a grown up teenager still brings back awesome memories, proving that the story, the characters and beautiful music is gripping and makes this a fascinating tale. Snow White herself is drawn so beautifully that you can't help but simply admire her, and the incredibly adorable voicing from Adriana Caselotti is a child's fascination. The Seven Dwarfs are very united and usually do things together- they live together, work together etc. But they are ...

johnjredington 8/10

Unlike American films where situation and reaction are usually the dominant elements of comedy, English cinema has a tendency to rely on outrageous or eccentric characterisation. It usually works well on a detailed level with typical stock characters such as irascible colonels, domineering great-aunts and frightfully keen twits but, quite often, individual actors get so caught up in their own characters that the film as a whole loses its sense of coherence.The Missionary is a very traditional English comedy with the usual over-the-top collection of the innocent, the incompetent, the mad, the prim and proper and the sex-starved but, in this case, the characters lock well into each other like a jigsaw. Maybe it is due to a certain respect that stars like Maggie Smith, Michael Palin and Trevor Howard had for each other as they try to complement rather than overshadow each others' performances.Once you find the pitch of the humour, this is a gem of a comedy and worth seeing alone for t ...

Bunuel1976 8/10

I've watched Michael Powell['s PEEPING TOM a couple of times on TV but I've yet to give my Criterion DVD a spin. Certainly one of the most original, challenging and bleakest films ever made and to have come from a British film-maker, albeit an iconoclastic one, makes the achievement all the more remarkable. While I do think that comparisons to its contemporary PSYCHO (1960) are a bit tenuous, it has to be said that both films can be thought of as belonging to the horror genre – in fact, PEEPING TOM was the third British "slasher" movie in a row, following HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM (1959) and CIRCUS OF HORRORS (1960) - but can also lay claim to being a very dark sort of black comedy. Besides, both films feature dysfunctional, immature, adult male protagonists haunted by a terrible upbringing which vents itself in a series of murders. Furthermore, while both films have been harshly reviled by critics when first released, in time, they have had their reputations make a complete abou ...

The_Void 6/10

Pete Walker has something of a cult following; and that isn't surprising considering films such as House of Whipcord and House of Mortal Sin, but he's a very hit and miss director; evidenced by misses such as Die Screaming Marianne and House of Long Shadows, and while The Comeback is not as bad as Pete Walker at his worst and certainly has it's moments; it's not the British cult director at his best either, unfortunately. The plot will be fairly familiar to anyone who is a horror fan as its basis has been seen in many films previously, and focuses on a man who is haunted by his dead lover. Nick Cooper is a pop star who has fallen out of public favour. His wife was violently murdered in the couple's penthouse, and Nick has gone to live in a picturesque mansion complete with a pair of odd servants. Trouble starts when Nick stars seeing his dead wife, and despite everyone believing him insane; the visions continue and the troubled pop star begins to suspect that someone is trying to m ...

6.0 6,204 Eros

bastard_wisher 9/10

For fans of Wong Kar-Wai, his segment "The Hands" is a must-see, as it ranks among his best, most fully-realized works. A truly stunning piece of work that not only summarizes everything great about his film-making, but which is also more focused and less indulgent than some of his more recent work. Unfortunately, the other two segments, from Steven Soderbergh and Michelangelo Antonioni respectively, don't fair nearly as well. Soderbergh's piece, titled "Equilibrium", is a tediously self-conscious exercise in cerebral cleverness, typical of his attempts at uncommercial "art" film-making (as opposed to his usual faceless Hollywood products). It is basically the cinematic equivalent of an obnoxious faux-intellectual laughing at his own "witty" joke. It only further proves what a truly cold, soulless filmmaker Soderbergh is that his segment of an anthology film supposedly based around the theme of sex is completely devoid of sensuality of any kind. Antonioni's closing segment (baring ...

muddlyjames 8/10

Not the meandering KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL. This one has all his best elements: terse, supremely functional scenes, casual brutality, a visual style emphasizing the coarse, glaring surface of things, a view of the world as one big "con" (with actors (!) featured as moral shysters in this case), and a plot that barrels along like a freight train. It also features a surprisingly sympathetic lead character (great job of low-key acting from Payne)and believable interchanges between him and the good and bad women in the film. The ending is a marvel of staging, lighting, and camera movement. This film is the main basis of Karlson's genuine (if minor) film legacy.

snperera 8/10

so, I never really cry at movies...but for this one I did. Wow. What an amazing story and it is so heartbreaking that it is real. I have seen my fair share of Christian movies and yes some of them are terrible and cheesy but this movie, wow. The acting is great and the story and the message is great!! This amazing young women lived her life for God and I loved that it showed that she wasn't perfect, that she back-slipped a lot but she changed. I love the heart of the movie and I believe that all the actors in it wanted to do the girl's story justice and I will always love this movie! There are some great Christian movies out there people and this is one of them!

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