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6.9 1,460 Masks
6.5 6,507 Deceiver
6.4 3,341 Marlowe

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fred44221 10/10

Coop and two other Americans heading around the cape to California, find themselves stranded in a hole in the wall village on the Mexican coast for several weeks while the ship they are sailing dropped anker for repairs.A desperate woman arrives at the cantina looking for men to help rescue her husband trapped in their gold mine. The mine is deep in Indian territory and she offers them $2000.00 each to follow her into a land where white men go in but few come out.Following her deeper into the bowls of h___ they each plan on taking the lady and the gold for themselves......the Indians have made other plans. Garden of Evil is just plane good entertainment. If you see it listed on TV make time to sit down and watch it. You won't be sorry.This is one of thousands of great movies, western classics, drama and film noir that the bean counters in Hollywood have failed to put out on DVD. It's an even bigger shame that this movie didn't even make it to VHS.

claudio_carvalho 9/10

In London, the swindler Harry Fabian (Richard Widmark) is an ambitious loser, frequently taking money from his girlfriend Mary Bristol (Gene Tierney). When he meets the famous Greco-Roman wrestler Gregorius the Great (Stanislaus Zbyszko) in the arena of his son and the wrestling lord Kristo (Herbert Lorn), he plans a scheme to become successful. He cheats Greorious, promising clean combats in his own arena, and the old man accepts the partnership. However, without money to promote the fight, he invites his boss and owner of a nightclub Phil Nosseross (Francis L. Sullivan) to be his partner, but is betrayed and his business fails ending in a tragedy."Night and the City" is a great film-noir, with many twists and another excellent performance of Richard Widmark. The story shows the underworld of London, with low-lives, hustlers, beggars, gamblers and other amoral characters through a magnificent black and white cinematography. The direction of Jules Dassin is sharp and the screenplay ...

7.4 1,722 Ritual

jusa-uusimaki 10/10

(contains MINOR spoilers) Thunderous clank of industrial machines, the very heartbeat of the city, opens the film. City moans, crashes and rustles like some metallic yet living creature. Fumes of smoke rise to sky, everything is ragged, worn and so, so gray.Opening shots of Hideaki Anno's Shiki Jitsu open our eyes to harsh beauty of polluted, urban landscapes like few films have.And then, on railroad tracks, Girl meets Director and Director meets Girl, setting the plot and starting the careful, subtle character studies of Girl and (to lesser extent) Director, Anno's alter ego just as much as Shinji ever was.Discounting main characters, strange man with bandage and Girl's mysterious, somewhat threatening Mother (who is always looming just beyond act of answering phone) there is no other characters in this movie.Ayako Fujitani contributes one of all time greatest portrayals of creeping madness and loneliness. Her magnificent performance and sheer charisma born out of mix of talent an ...

larry41onEbay 10/10

I first became a fan of writer-director Preston Sturges' films "Sullivan's Travels," "The Lady Eve," "The Miracle Of Morgan's Creek" and "The Palm Beach Story" – all four star screwball romantic comedies – and started to seek out all the films he worked on.Displeased with the way other directors interpreted his scripts, "Remember the Night" was the last film Sturges wrote before directing his own works. This is where I must step in and say that RTN director Mitchell Liesen was at his peak and did an excellent job with the material. His judicious editing of the script and his many light touches helped to draw natural and touching performances from the entire gifted cast. It couldn't be a more perfect movie. And I should know, I have watched "Remember the Night" more than 25 times, continue to be charmed and find something new to love with every viewing.I first saw RTN on TV back in the 1980s when cable TV started playing black and white classics on the old AMC (American Movie Classi ...

dabeava 2/10

The twist at the end is interesting but the journey is painful. You don't care about any of the characters. Its slow. Screenplay was thrown together in five minutes. Meh.

jlandman 9/10

Until today, I thought there only three people, including me, who considered Heaven's Gate (1980)to be a masterpiece and perhaps the last great western, (since the 1970), after, Little Big Man (1970), Jeremiah Johnson (1972), The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) and The Long Riders (1980). I was stunned and pleased to see that 22.5% of those voting at IMDB rate this movie a 10, as do I. A recent book, the Worst Movies of All Time, includes Heaven's Gate. Through it's production and release it was vilified, as no movie since Cleopatra, almost twenty years before. At one time it was considered the most expensive over-budget movie of all time, surpassing even Cleopatra. It was blamed for the downfall of its studio, United Artists, until everyone finally saw all the studios were falling. Michael Cimino, fresh from his glory with the Deer Hunter was hated and despised for his success and movie making excess, but clearly, that was petty jealousy at its worst. Cimino ended up fashio ...

dreamwriterx1 10/10

What a great old classic this is! Today's filmmakers and actors could learn so much from viewing such a masterpiece. Not a special effect in site and yet great family fun. Political correctness wasn't invented in 1959 and so Professor Jim drinks and smokes his cigars throughout the film. Bottoms are presented for caning (although Jim never actually canes anything other than a cushion and the deputy headmaster). This film seems to be making a comeback as it appears frequently on ebay. A great pity that the episodes of Whacko! have been lost. If anyone fancies an hour and a half of good, honest fun - they could do worse than obtain this wonderful classic.

mandaqu 8/10

This is a simple sweet tale.Nothing to dislike. The story is cute and inoffensive. The film has been written to pad out the story and it has done so in a sympathetic and appropriate fashion. The thing that makes it so delightful is how Hoffman and Dench make the characters adorable and relatable regardless of the fact that they are unlikely. If you don't like charm, wit and a bit of suspending disbelief, move along. I intend to use this to vet people in the future. If they don't like this movie I won't be going for coffee with them. Relax, turn off your cynicism and wallow in the treacle and charm until your all marshmallow inside. :)

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