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7.2 4,359 Red Dust
6.7 1,624 Ramrod
5.4 555 Luv
6.9 3,134 Petulia
7.1 10,404 Priest

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Bezenby 7/10

In 1999, these films were impossible to get a hold of, and you had to look hard to find someone who would sell you them on the grey market. It is for this reason that my mate Marco and me found ourselves in the back room of some video store on Ingram Street, Glasgow city centre, staring into a filing cabinet jam packed with video nasties, category 3 Hong Kong films, and otherwise unavailable films like this. Marco bought this one. I watched the first five minutes and decided it looked boring, little knowing how obsessed by these films I'd be in a few years time. Also, I had no idea how bald I would become. And I didn't know YouTube would exist either. We were all young and naïve back then. If there was a generic starters pack for giallo newbies I'd definitely include this one. It's a straightforward giallo plot as in it has one masked/gloved/hatted killer, plenty of suspects, a couple of red herrings, a clue at the start of the film, quirky characters, nudity and a bit of gore. It ...

Leofwine_draca 7/10

Horror films set in circuses were popular in the '60s (check out BERSERK! and CIRCUS OF FEAR) but this film was the original classic that started them off. It's a gently unassuming film, with a leisurely pace, which takes its time before revealing the various plot strands which all come together in the exciting conclusion. Therefore, there's a lot of time for characterisation, something which rarely occurs in horror films these days, and this slow pace makes the film all the more interesting and entertaining, and the conclusion is all better because of it.Good use is made of the circus setting, with the various dangerous stunts providing some real tension, especially in the hangman's noose trick where we know the woman will die. Anton Diffring steals the show as the ruthless and evil surgeon, his cold, calculated charm being perfect for the role, and he is ably assisted by a cast of good performers which includes Donald Pleasance in a small role as a drunk, and the glamorous Yvonne ...

7.1 211,551 Ghost

native_girl333 9/10

If you have ever lost a loved one and want to believe that they are still somewhere you will be touch by the wonderful and not over sentimental "Ghost".Some people may not find "Ghost" to have any sense but if you are romantic and open-minded it will hit you like the fast moving train."Ghost" is an epic love story of Molly (Demi Moore) and Sam (gorgeous Patrick Swayze) who have so strong relationship but it is taken from them so early. After a tragic mugging episode the banker Sam loose his life and leaves Molly to face the cruel reality on her own. Sam is persistent to let Molly know that he is still there watching and protecting her. By the act of coincidence Sam finds a way to communicate his loved one with the help of fraud sidekick Oda Mae Brown (hilarious Whoopi Goldberg whose Academy Award-winning performance was very well earned!). There is some twist and turns, some difficulties but nothing can stop the true love finding it ways. Even if it does mean beyond the grave."Ghos ...

Quinoa1984 10/10

One thing that can be certain after watching the Seventh Seal, outside of being thankful for living in this century, is that Bergman knows his film-making- and imagery. He uses subliminal and not so subliminal techniques to convey a dying, frightened world, where making a living is almost impossible and the debate of god's control over life is discussed like un-rhyming yet fascinating poetry. The result is beautiful cinema, capturing the always foreboding fear and allure of the almighty and for the waiting death, appropriately staged in post-crusades, mid dark age Europe. Max Von Sydow gives an excellent showing as the opponent of Death (in a clever and meticulous chess game), yet the character of Death, played by Bengt Ekerot with chilling conviction, steals the show, if only for the alluring quality of the character. Even if the story veers it veers in good and interesting territory, focusing on people who convey Bergman's point and or style. I can't reveal what the bottom li ...

tavm 6/10

I have a gay friend who doesn't fit the stereotype in that he loves the WWE and usually watches crude comedies like this latest Adam Sandler comedy. Many critics have called this movie offensive because of many homophobic jokes that abound as well as the Asian stereotype that Sandler's friend Rob Schneider plays as a Canadian wedding preacher. Well, since I'm Asian-American and I know Schneider is half so, I admit I wasn't very amused by his portrayal but I also decided maybe Rob thought so and decided, "What the hell!" and went for it. But many of the homophobic jokes do work and is partly redeemed by some gay humor that seemed more silly than offensive and some were even hilarious. Besides Schneider, other former SNLers to appear include David Spade, Rachel Dratch, and original cast member Dan Aykroyd. All have some moments. Also appearing are Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames in a performance you won't believe (or maybe you will depending what you think he's capable of), and a couple o ...

Abby-9 8/10

I rented WS in order to compare Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance in this with her performance in Kansas City. Both are period pieces, and in both i sensed her willingness to submerge a modern self into the demands of the historic period. This is frightening to behold--Albert Finney is rock-hard, with glimpses of natural paternal sentiment that only make his determined hardness the more monstrous. So, his daughter is his victim--a victim of culture, a victim of circumstance--a victim of miscommunications, a victim of her lover, of her aunt? It's all a little hard to bear, except that, as the motif of endurance emerges, the formation of a protective shell over the passions of the young is, finally, a relief. I don't know if there is enough popcorn and chocolate/caramel/you-name-it to make sitting through this story actually enjoyable. Beautifully dressed and accompanied by exquisite score, it's a tragedy with a conclusion of unillumined defeat. Although Katherine, Leigh's rol ...

anaconda-40658 1/10

Lost and Found (1999): Dir: Jeff Pollack / Cast: David Spade, Sophie Marceau, Artie Lange, Ever Carradine, Martin Sheen: Dreary and boring comedy low on laughs and high on stupidity. Why David Spade does what he does here demands and explanation because he could have solved everything with a visit and the right words. Title regards a lost dog while symbolizing finding love. David Spade just ended a relationship and now struggles to obtain a loan for a restaurant he intends to open. He soon falls for a French cello player played by Sophie Marceau but he is unable to talk to her due to her meddling ex-boyfriend. He steals her dog so that he may join her in searching for it but when it swallows a friend's engagement ring he must keep it longer. Stupid and predictable dog show directed to uninspired effect by Jeff Pollack who also made Booty Call. Spade plays his usual idiot persona who follows the dog around before he and best friend Artie Lange search through crap for the ring. Marce ...

Quietb-1 5/10

Tom Hanks plays a fish out water unless it's bottled. It's a clash of cultures movie that is mildly entertaining. There are some humorous moments that make you wish it was more of a comedy and less of a drama.It's hard to believe this movie would have been made if they didn't have Tom Hanks. He drags this through the dessert on his shoulders. There's an awkward series of scenes at a party and plenty of redundant scenes about the daily grind of doing business in Saudi Arabia while waiting for the King.The back story of the karma of Hanks selling out Schwinn bikes to China comes back to haunt him. The love story feels forced and it seemed as Rita Wilson had approval of the female lead.The good news is this movie is short. It is also very forgettable. No need to track it down on it's limited run, as it will be a bit more enjoyable for a quiet evening at home.

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