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6.0 4,289 Real Men
5.0 7,252 Meteor
6.1 12,080 Project X
6.8 4,489 Airwolf
3.8 2,302 Breeders
6.0 56,159 Soldier
4.5 1,239 TC 2000
4.7 68,466 Junior
5.8 85,630 RoboCop 2
5.8 5,151 Marooned
5.5 1,166 Evolver

# User Reviews

bobstruckyard 8/10

some comments on this film have stated that there are unnecessary killings of agents or witnesses, this is done to show the politics of the film and how there must be no trace back to those who planned the operation, whilst also portraying that petrofsky is a lethal killer, and as Caine says in the film "the best". A great story, and very believable, spies that remain hidden from each other and no excruciating scene where the bad guy reveals his plot to the good guy. Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if the operation had turned out differently, or the ending for that matter!Of course one of the best things about this film is the acting as previously stated by other people. Caine brings his character to life and is very believable in the role of John Preston, the agent who cares, and will "bend" the rules to make sure things get down. Brosnan is similarly good, his character will stop at nothing to complete his mission, he is a stone cold killer and this is ...

ChungMo 7/10

The fast pace of the film covers a lot of creaky film making. The plot basically follows the heroine as she attempts to get to her uncle after her husband is killed by the Flying Guillotine Squad. What does this film deliver? We get a kung fu heroine whose fighting ability scares all the bad guys. We get gimmick kung-fu weapons galore. We get a brief topless woman kung fu fight (we need more of these). And we get well choreographed fights every 5 minutes.The director is not in the same class as Cheng Cheh or Liu Chia Liang but the film never runs out of gas so the occasionally strange direction doesn't gets in the way. The director seems more comfortable with the drama scenes. The film is less grim then "The Flying Guillotine".A good kung fu film, not a waste of time.

5.6 2,030 Z

kirbie2182 7/10

I will watch pretty much any horror movie that looks halfway decent, and I have to say, this one did scare me a few times. Yes, there were some silly jump scares, but there were also some Really effective ones, and some parts literally freaking me out, and that very rarely happens. Honestly I can't remember the last time I even got a little bit scared at horror movie, so that's gotta say something right?! Some of the scares were really affective, others not as much, but I thought this one was really pretty damn entertaining. The actors are really good too, especially the mother. I'm not saying it's anything super original, but if you're watching this in one alone in the dark around midnight, you're bound to get a more than a little freaked out in parts, which is what you want in a horror movie right? I guess my point is that I was pleasantly surprised considering the amount of crap that gets put out these days, especially in the Horror genre. This year in particular they have been ...

stephenabell 8/10

Now, this is how comedies should be made. If you want to make me laugh then this is a great place to start. One: A witty and well-written script (even though the concept might be a bit ridiculous). One-liners, sharp comebacks, and great punchlines. Situation comedy. Slapstick. Even facial ticks, playing to the camera and the audience - this is great as it breaks that fourth wall and brings the audience into the film and story more. Bob Hope is a master at making people feel comfortable, happy, and like one of his friends. Most people relate to him, if not to the character he's playing.This is the story of Sylvester The Great (Hope). An actor who is about to pursue his greatest role to date... that of a hero... though an unwilling - and sometimes cowardly - one at that. Princess Margaret (Mayo) is eloping to marry her one true love and not the arranged one her father has in mind. Though her father doesn't know of her plans, Captain Barrett "The Hook" (McLaglen) does. Along with his ...

socalpel 10/10

From the clash of the cultures, to the clash between the characters within the each cultures -amazingly well thought through and well written. Sutherland and Carlyle did a tremendous job . . . a powerful cast. True to the grim realities of war without being gratuitous - a refreshing dynamic! It's quite a different viewpoint of the same period as "bridge of the river Kwai" It seems like so many war movies are depressing, or even if they have real resolution, there is no real hope for the future. This movie uniquely brings hope regarding the human condition - even as men are ground within the mortar and pestle of war - they can look beyond themselves . . .to not only respect, but love their enemies.

mulhollandman 10/10

John B. Keane's critically acclaimed play The Field, is the one play that 90% of the population of Ireland will know. They will either know the plot or have studied it for state exams. My own grandmother is 80 years of age and she dislikes any kind of media and theater describing them as pure noise. But when she hears that The Field is playing she will instantly take an interest not because of it's fame but the themes that are produced in this play are very important to her and her generation and many generation that followed her up until the late 1980's when Ireland slowly began to change into a European union state, with it Irelands ethnic identity began to disappear. We may still have the accent but our lifestyles and attitudes are very different in some cases evidently for the better, but more often then not for the worst. In the early 90's two films documented the Ireland of old, these were The Commitments a joyous look at young Irish people using their musical talents to broa ...

peistola 3/10

This movie follows in the footsteps of the video games, has an equal potential to tell a great, sometimes complicated story. It straight up throws away so many scenes that could've been made to both improve the bond between the characters and to strengthen the plot. Instead, they seem to take a shortcut on explaining or showing things by inserting a really lazy written dialogue - usually a size of a sentence at max, to simply let the character notify the others why she arrived late.It feels like there would've been enough story to make a two and a half hour movie, but everything that wasn't strictly related to the main plot was just cut off entirely. I did not get to bond with any of the characters in this movie, and the ending would've actually been an amazing twist if they'd shown a bit more passion and time to introduce even the two main characters to the audience.Story aside, audio was great and visuals were okay. Only reason why I just have to rate the visuals down from what c ...

Leofwine_draca 6/10

THE HOLCROFT COVENANT is lesser-known Robert Ludlum adaptation that sees Michael Caine playing the unsuspecting heir of a Nazi fortune who finds himself mired in conspiracy and murder. The film itself is rather episodic and has hardly any action and thus not much in the way of life, but the saving grace is the presence of director John Frankenheimer who directors with his customary skill and professionalism. He turns what could have been a farcical effort into something more than watchable, with enough twists to keep the viewer engaged with the on-screen proceedings. It's nice to see Caine playing a more ordinary hero than most while the supporting cast includes Anthony Andrews, who is very good playing against type, alongside Euro stalwarts like Mario Adorf and Michael Lonsdale. Cheesy and dated at times, and occasionally boring, THE HOLCROFT COVENANT is one to enjoy if you're in a more forgiving mood.

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