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7.6 12,818 Wings
5.9 12,468 Deathwatch
7.3 4,125 36 Hours

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bevo-13678 10/10

The best bit is when she was eating a really big bag of chips

ElijahCSkuggs 9/10

Over a year ago I accidentally bought Day of the Beast off Ebay with no subs. Finally after a long wait I got the chance to check out this flick, and what a damn shame I wasn't more safe when buying it the first time, because this was a really good flick.El Dia De La Bestia is a comedy/horror/action hybrid that really meshes on a level that few movies have. It's Xmas Eve and a Priest, Metalhead and a TV Host band together to try stop the Anti-Christ from being born. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it's the truth and these guys go through some ridiculous stuff trying to accomplish their goal. The acting, cinematography, directing and especially the screen play were all great. The writing was fast, realistic and smart, just like how the movie played out. Day of the Beast has barely has any dull scenes, it's funny, and moves at a pretty fast pace. I suppose it's not gonna be everyone's cup of tea, but hell, for me, there's nothing in it worth complaining about.I really hope t ...

antipas2000 3/10

Being a fan of the "Species" films, especially loving Species II, I watched this with open arms. I did not think it worked. Partly because the storyline seemed so short-lived. The trailer did look a tad on the positive side though but that, is how trailers are designed. But this is nothing at all like the previous ones, except for the Alien DNA etc etc.This has awful acting, one hell of a bad bad accent and an OK blond playing the Alien femme fatal, but not worth the 90 or so minutes that it ended up as. If the species films are ever going to work and be believable they need to be serious, with serious (good, well-known) actors. That alone would help the publicity! But no, they go for the opposite.I even wished afterwards that I had been a director doing this film. Oh my god would I have made some CHANGES! Should have mixed the DNA with sense instead of aliens LOLbig no no no no no, cannot emphasize that enough.

expert-87701 6/10

Its a slow paced movie and although its categorized as sci-fi, don't expect aliens or such things. Watching this movie feels like you're given parts of the story and not the whole thing which leaves a lot of questions but makes you think about the story and the people rather than just numbingly staring at the screen.

aligittiomg 9/10

What a beautiful story about what it means to be a parent in this world and how we are all connected.The story is told by jumping back and forth in time, a flow of scenes giving the viewer a glimpse of the changes in the life of a couple who lost their son and how they try to move on with this loss. Although they abondon old friends after the incident a connection remains and in the end the lives of this group of people comes full circle.This film brings the message of everyone being connected to another and the importance to sincerely care about others to the screen in such a wonderful way with an incredible cast. The three hours felt so short but something still remains, just like in life when one is touched by the goodness of others.Highly recommend this movie.

7.4 43,322 Mid90s

jsph_calabrese 8/10

Sure, it might not be the most original take on the coming-of-age story (Jonah Hill even admitted it is a movie built on tropes), but what makes it unique is the chemistry and exuberance shared between the 5 boys. It's also irreverent AF, which feels incredibly refreshing.The easy comparison would be The Sandlot, a nostalgic tale of friendship formed over a shared passion, but this has a deeper emotional layer that feels at times like Short Term 12 (and also like that movie, I predict we'll look back at Mid90s in 5 years and realize this too was a breakout platform for numerous stars).

Woodyanders 8/10

Former mental patient and falsely accused killer Arnold Masters (an intense and convincing performance by Jim Hutton) uses the psychic power of astral projection to exact a harsh revenge on the people who he believes wronged him. Director Ray Danton keeps the compelling story moving along at a snappy pace, builds a good deal of tension, and stages the lively murder set pieces with lip-smacking ghoulish gusto. The sound acting by the able cast of familiar B-cinema veterans helps a whole lot: Paul Burke as hard-nosed detective Jeff Morgan, Julie Adams as compassionate psychiatrist Dr. Laura Scott, Nehemiah Persoff as cagey parapsychology expert Dr. Gubner, Aldo Ray as Morgan's gruff partner Dave Anderson, Neville Brand as irascible butcher Lemonowski, Whit Bissell as horny old goat Dr. Paul Taylor, Della Reese as sassy welfare recipient Mrs. Gibson, co-writer Greydon Clark as ill-fated cop Sowash, Stack Pierce as the helpful Emilio, and Mary Wilcox as sexy, yet sadistic nurse Burnson ...

6.2 208,331 RoboCop

urosdovzan 8/10

I just don't see, why any other recent science fiction movie deserves more respect than this one. The story is fluent, the characters are well built, everyone has its own motive. Yes film is more of a personal struggle journey of the main character and that is what I like. For the fans of action it is also good, why when (quite often) there is, it is good one. The effects are quality mastership. The most memorable scene is when Murphy sees what he has become.For my regards it has some philosophical connotation to, because it also concerns the influence of technology to the society. It clearly shows bads and goods. I recommend watching this movie for

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