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7.2 2,602 One A.M.
6.5 1,362 The Cook
7.4 2,015 The Doll
7.6 5,312 Destiny
8.3 98,225 The Kid
7.6 3,313 Pay Day

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SaarahN 8/10

Love me like you do follows two individuals, Jackie and Ryan, as they deal with the struggles of life. Jackie tends to reflect on her life, her past, what brought her there and the choices she has made, whilst Ryan is all about going forward, where next? Ryan is the good-natured, young, traveller. Jackie is a stuck-at-home single mother. They both share a passion for music, Jackie has lived the dream, it didn't go well. Ryan has yet to pursue his, he's patiently seeking it out. What happens when their paths cross? Simple, they help each other. They believe and inspire one another: Jackie inspires Ryan to write his own songs, to be an original. Ryan helps Jackie to move on, and to believe in herself. This was another thing I liked, as well as how the characters are able to be independent of one another- there is none of that all too common mourning, clinging behaviour. They are accepting of one another, especially in the case of Jackie- she understands Ryan and his travelling, train ...

classicsoncall 8/10

The very essence of screwball comedy, "Bringing Up Baby" may be even more frenetic than Cary Grant's 1940 vehicle "His Girl Friday", especially in the second half of the story. There's no question Grant went out on a shaky limb with his antics here; where else would you see a leading man risk his reputation by dressing up in a feathery negligee? And did I hear this right - his response to Aunt Elizabeth (May Robson) on why he had the nightgown on - "Because I just went gay all of a sudden"! Probably one of the earliest uses of the term to denote a sexual preference in film, not to enter the popular vernacular for at least another couple of decades.Katherine Hepburn is surprisingly funny and witty as Susan Vance, and dare I say it, actually attractive compared to her more mature roles opposite Spencer Tracy later in her career. I'm not sure if she might have been the best choice to play opposite Grant though; mentally I was picturing Rosalind Russell or Ann Sheridan in the role. But ...

sylkenvelvet 6/10

This 1950's version of the 1930's "The Women" was updated quite a bit. The ideals of the 1950's show up, along with the new male characters (who were never seen in the original)and the fashion.Actually, while "The Women" is dated, too, the dialog is sharper and the characters much more fun. Joan Crawford beats Joan Collins easily as the vamp, and Rosalind Russell eats up scenery. Of course, Leslie Nelson back in his hunky leading man days is plenty of fun. This version is a little more moralistic, with more hand wringing and melodramatic action. And the addition of the male characters really isn't that much of a plus. Sometimes the comic action is overboard.All in all, not a bad movie, but if you really want to see action, catch "The Women" instead.

billcr12 8/10

Jesus of Montreal is a play within a movie; in this case The Passion Play. However, the actors do a little rewrite, with changes which anger many traditional Catholics. One of the is that a Roman soldier was Jesus' real father and left right after the Savior's birth; ouch.Daniel, the actor playing Jesus, has an accident and is taken to a Catholic hospital and he is ignored. He leaves and winds up at a Jewish hospital, where he collapses and is pronounced brain dead. He has no relatives, and so his friends are asked for consent to take his organs. The film is an allegory on the life of Christ, using Daniel, as a parallel figure. He has just returned from the east. The other actors have left good, safe jobs, in order to do the play, becoming Daniel's disciples. With the donation of his organs, Daniel is resurrected by saving the lives of others. Jesus of Montreal is a bold vision by director Denys Arcand.

4.4 3,494 Samson

filipemanuelneto 6/10

As I have already had the opportunity to say, the Bible is an excellent source of good stories, regardless of our faith or religious beliefs. Cinema has always enjoyed biblical stories and this has already resulted in a series of films so good that they have become part of our collective cultural memory. However, a few years ago the fashion for remaking many of these films emerged. This is another remake and, to be honest, the biggest difference between both films is how they approach the story told and the names of some characters.The story told does not need great presentations, even those who have never read the Bible have heard of it: a thousand years before the birth of Jesus, Jews were enslaved by the Philistines and their last great hope of liberation lay in the herculean strength of Samson, the which he was appointed at birth as leader of the Jewish people. But Samson seems reluctant to accept his fate and is delighted by Taren, a Philistine. The marriage is disrupted by Ra ...

jjnxn-1 6/10

Satisfactory comedy is put over by a cute Shirley MacLaine performance and that old pro Edward G. Robinson. Bob Cummings has his moments as an egotistical star although the thought of him as a major romantic idol is a bit of a stretch. The major flaw as it always is in any film in which he appeared is that cinematic black hole Yves Montand. At least in his English language films he is so devoid of personality and charisma that he stops the picture dead in it's tracks whenever he is on screen. Also the fact that his character doesn't recognize his wife in geisha makeup when she looks exactly like Shirley MacLaine in a black wig and heavy makeup make him seem like a nitwit.

kleenexwoman42 10/10

I loved this movie for two reasons: 1) Jeff Combs is absolutely wonderful in it. Plays the role of the modern wizard to the hilt. (And is absolutely adorable.) 2) The movie helped to inspire a role-playing game I thoroughly enjoy, Mage: The Awakening. I've shown it at various LARP after-parties, and it's always a big hit.D&D love and Jeff-squeeing aside, it's not exactly a masterpiece, but it's well-done and thoroughly enjoyable. The plot is fast-moving and engaging in its simplicity, the special effects are pretty good for such a low budget, and the script, while nothing stellar, was not too badly done, and cheesy in all the right places. A good way to spend an evening.

ahegde 8/10

This is a little gem of a movie, with pitch perfect casting, excellent pacing and very competent direction. The movie takes you to a world of languid indolence as an extended family vacations at a once grand but now somewhat derelict Anglo-Indian hamlet. There are little stories within, mostly pivoting around Kalki as the coquette - glimpses of illicit lust; and unrequited longing. But in the middle of this happy dysfunction, there are jarring moments that tighten the little knot of dread-filled anticipation at the bottom of your heart. The title promised you a death and the opening scene reinforced that promise. You don't know who and you don't know why, you only know it's coming.

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